Welcome to detectem’s documentation!

This documentation contains everything you need to know about detectem.

detectem is a passive software detector. Let’s see it in action.

$ det http://domain.tld
[{'name': 'phusion-passenger', 'version': '4.0.10'},
 {'name': 'apache-mod_bwlimited', 'version': '1.4'},
 {'name': 'apache-mod_fcgid', 'version': '2.3.9'},
 {'name': 'jquery', 'version': '1.11.3'},
 {'name': 'crayon-syntax-highlighter', 'version': '2.7.2'}]

Using a serie of indicators, it’s able to detect software running on a site and in most cases extract accurately its version information. It uses Splash API to render the website and start the detection routine. It does full analysis on requests, responses and even on the DOM!

There are two important articles to read:


  • Detect software in modern web technologies.

  • Browser support provided by Splash.

  • Analysis on requests made and responses received by the browser.

  • Get software information from the DOM.

  • Match by file fingerprints.

  • Great performance (less than 10 seconds to get a fingerprint).

  • Plugin system to add new software easily.

  • Test suite to ensure plugin result integrity.

  • Continuous development to support new features.


It’s easy to contribute. If you want to add a new plugin follow the guide of Plugin development and make your pull request at the official repository.